Purl &Jane Workshops

with simple patterns & fabulous yarns for a calm mind...
Everyone can knit or crochet.

And, although some people think they should be able to knit like an old pro as soon as they pick up the needles, this isn’t true. Everyone has to start with one stitch...and I can help you with that first step on your knitting journey and every step of the way after that….Learning to knit or crochet may make you feel less stressed, very creative and fantastically proud of your skills.

To book on our workshops* please phone the Purl &Jane studio on 01756 228247 or pop along to the studio to book your place.

The workshops take place in the Purl &Jane Studio and, after the workshop, you are welcome to browse Purl &Jane’s colourful shelves and receive a 10% discount on anything you buy on the day. The cost includes materials, patterns, refreshments and a delicious freshly cooked lunch.

Places are limited and bookable in advance. Full payment is required at the time of booking. 

*Polite Warning: taking these workshops can lead to addiction to fabulous yarns and a relaxed, calm mind. Learning to knit or crochet may make you feel less stressed, very creative and fantastically proud of your skills.


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Personal Workshops

Personal Workshops

Location: Purl & Jane, The Yarn & Design Studio, 4 Mount Pleasant, Off High Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 1JZ Tel: 01756 228247

Personal Workshops with Jane Ellison

Personal Workshops for groups

Would you and your friends enjoy getting together and learning something new?
I run personal workshops for a minimum of four people at £60 per person for a full day which includes materials, pattern, refreshments and lunch.

You can choose one of my regular workshop topics or we can chat about a bespoke workshop covering whatever you like.

These workshops usually take place on a Sunday but there’s an option of an evening or another day – it’s up to you! Just get in touch for a chat and I will arrange the workshop.


Personal workshops for you

If there is some aspect of knitting you have always wanted to learn or improve at, we can arrange a one-to-one session where we can get together and I can help you with whatever you want. These sessions are £40 for one hour or £60 for two hours. If you would like more time, please just give me a call and we’ll discuss details and costs.


FREE: Learn to Knit Workshop

Location: Purl & Jane, The Yarn & Design Studio 4 Mount Pleasant, Off High Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 1JZ

Learn to Knit Workshop By Jane Ellison

These free Learn to Knit workshops take place just twice a year over 2 Sundays in January and June! Dates are confirmed nearer the times.
They are held from 10.30am to 1pm over two consecutive Sundays, to get the most out of the workshops you must be available for both days.

Skills needed: No skills required.

Cost: FREE! I just ask that you buy needles and yarn on the day of the workshop for your first project – there will be a choice of projects with prices starting at under £10 for yarn and needles.

Due to the love and joy created in the very first free class I held this year for learn to knit I decided to offer another free workshop because I love sharing the joy! Come along for free all that is required from you to attend the class is that you purchase your yarn and needles from me and also a willingness to learn something amazing! I’m here to help and guide. Whether you are an absolute beginner or have tried before this class is perfect for you!

Skills learnt: Simple basics of knit, depending on your skill this can be just knit or knit and purl.

Materials to bring: Nothing, just you and the willingness to learn something amazing!

Contact me to book

What can you expect from a Purl &Jane workshop?

Once learnt, the techniques are simple and what you do with these techniques is then up to you! The list of things to knit is infinite!

I’ve been teaching workshops for nearly 20 years all over the world – from Canada to the USA to local yarn stores all over the UK to the flagship John Lewis store on Oxford Street, London.

Over the years, I have learnt that the most effective format is to limit numbers because I want everyone to take some new skills away from the class. Everyone has their own unique learning style so with small classes and a gentle and calm teaching style, everyone learns something and has a base to start from.

It is from chatting to knitters all around the world that has helped me learn to design patterns that knitters want to knit. And now I can share the joy of these simple to knit patterns by giving everyone the guidance and support they need with all aspects of the knitting journey from your first few stitches to learning to love sewing up your garments.

Who are Purl&Jane workshops for?

Knitting and crochet is for everyone.

Everyone can knit. However some people believe they should be able to knit like an experienced knitter as soon as they pick up the needles, this isn’t true, everyone has to start with one stitch.

Every pattern I design is simple and achievable for everyone, it’s just about taking your time, knitting a few stitches here and there and some gentle coaching in the right direction.

And, no matter how long you’ve been knitting, there’s always something to learn.

This can seem scary to a beginner or to the first time knitter who tries knitting something and it doesn’t turn out as they expected. I can help with this. Sometimes it is a teeny tiny change that doesn’t seem obvious until we’ve talked it through. I talk it through with you to get the best solution for you.

There isn’t a end to knitting but there is a beginning…and I love helping people start on their journey and guiding them as they grow.

How can Purl &Jane support you after the workshop?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! The only way to learn is to do it wrong at least once!

There is no need to struggle alone – after the class you can pop back to the studio to ask any question or get help with a tricky technique you’ve forgotten. Sometimes it can take a few minutes to show something, that might take longer if you look in a book. Videos and books – especially My YouTube videos which complement my workshops (find the videos by clicking here!)– can be a helpful aide memoire to techniques that have been shown to you in a relaxing class with someone on hand to help you through…even if it’s just to say, yep, that’s right!!

To book contact me on [email protected] or phone me on 01756 228247

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