A little bit About Me

My name is Jane Ellison and I’m a hand knit designer who has been designing simple, easy to follow patterns for more than 20 years.
Jane Ellison

In that time I have designed almost 2,000 patterns which have been knitted by people all over the world.

The journey that knitting has brought me on has given me a unique insight into designing patterns and helping knitters. Studying fashion specialising in knitwear at Ravensbourne College of Design in Kent helped me develop an eye for garments and accessories that people want to wear, and my role as design consultant at John Lewis gave me an insight into patterns that people enjoy knitting and how knitters approach patterns. So now I design patterns that knitters will enjoy knitting so they can create items that people will enjoy wearing.

Once I had started designing patterns, I couldn’t stop! I worked in the UK yarn industry and with designers for the next few years which involved lots more designing and coming up with ideas, working with yarn manufacturers, sourcing yarns and choosing colours as well as working with retailers from independents to national department stores. During this time I was always answering pattern queries and helping knitters.

Over the next 12 years I designed more than 70 knitting pattern books for the US which also sold in Europe, Japan and Australia. I was brand manager for an international yarn line which involved choosing yarns, working with yarn manufacturers and designing the look and feel for the brand. This gave me an appreciation for the importance of the finest yarns made from natural fibres.

I opened the Purl &Jane Yarn & Design Studio in 2011 because I love helping knitters on their knitting journey – whether that is taking the very first steps or with something that’s been holding them back. I’m available in the studio, on the phone or social media to help with queries and I hold regular workshops at my design studio for small groups of knitters so we can work at your pace and everyone will leave the workshop having learnt something new.

And while you learn, I learn. What I love most about knitting is that even after all these years there is still so much to learn. I learn something new every day from all the passionate and knowledgeable knitters who visit my Skipton-based studio and I design my patterns for them based on what they ask for and what they tell me.

Yarn and Yorkshire are weaved together in my DNA and I am proud to be the seventh generation of my family to be involved with the wool industry in the region (skipping one generation due to the changing time in Yorkshire manufacturing, however that generation is always knitting!). I continue to celebrate the finest yarns around: my studio stocks a beautiful range of local, craft and heritage yarns to help you bring the patterns to life and every yarn in the studio tells its own story.

So have a look at all of my latest patterns and those which have become firm favourites over the years online, or come and into the studio and I can help you find the perfect pattern for your next project.

To contact me on [email protected] or phone me on 01756 228247
Purl & Jane shop photo