Basic Tips

For Absolute Beginners
1, 2, 3, it’s all you need!

With the correct yarn and needles, knitting can be successful and satisfying.

There are only two stitches in knitting, knit and purl. It’s all you need. What you do with these stitches is where the infinite comes into play. So before we do anything else we start with smooth needles and gorgeous yarn.

1. Cast On
2. Knit
3. Cast Off
That's it!

If this looks too complicated then join me on a Learn to Knit Workshops where I can help you.

Here’s some more simple techniques to do after you’ve learnt garter stitch…

This is another way to cast on, (my favourite way!) casting on using your thumb:
And once you have learnt the knit stitch, the next stitch is the purl stitch:
And you are set!

These two stitches are all you need to start your knitting journey. Remember to take it one stitch at a time, one row at a time.

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