Learn to Knit Introduction

Welcome to the Learn to Knit Free Online course!

I have been teaching workshops in real life for over 20 years and it’s something I really enjoy. 

There is nothing better then finding a good teacher and learning a new skill with them. Whatever it is. A skill, like knitting, is great for the mind and great to keep fingers moving. Knitting helps us on so many levels – it can give us relaxation, happiness and confidence.  These are just a few of the fabulous things about it and after all this knitting it keeps giving as you have something to show for all that work. Like a scarf to keep you warm.

I love helping knitters find that joy. I believe everyone can knit If you want to you can too!

I want to help as many as possible to find the happiness in knitting and it’s not easy for everyone to get to Skipton so here’s the next best thing, an online course!

Course makes it sound very fancy but it is very simple. I also like to show that knitting is very simple so I’ve broken it down into three simple parts – Part One Casting on, Part Two Knitting and then Part Three Casting off.


However, like all simple things there maybe a few moments of frustration and annoyance as some try to get used to the techniques. It may take a few minutes, a few hours, a few days or if you are coming back into knitting a few years, it doesn’t matter there isn’t any rush, you will learn to knit in the right time and right way for you. 

And when you get there is it amazing.

Before we start all that I thought I’d do a few introduction posts….

There is the introduction: 

Then here is the projects I recommend to start with:

And then the rules….but not strict rules, rules to help get the best out of your journey!

Article by Jane