Learn to Knit Part One and Part Two

Are you ready to start on your learn to knit journey?

I’ve organised the videos into two types. There are the ones where I chat about the techniques and then there are short videos that show the close up of the techniques.
I suggest listening to the chatty ones and then look at the short close up ones to get a detailed look at the techniques.
If you have nay questions then please don’t hesitate to email me or if you are local please do pop into the Skipton studio for help. I can help you with any questions but if you need more tuition then there is the option of booking onto a personal 1:1 class.
In the meantime I hope these videos help you find the joy of the knit stitch.

For those that have tried before but not felt successful. Take your time with knitting. There is no rush to learn. Don’t give yourself a deadline or a perceived timeline of when you should have learnt to do it. Every time I say should or hear someone say should I say “shoulda, woulda, coulda!” There is no need for should. As Yoda says Do or do not. And by doing, however you are doing it, you will get better and better.
If you don’t give yourself any pressure and just enjoy the process of making those stitches you’ll be a knitter!

Learn to Knit Part One :: Casting On Introduction:

How to make the slip knot:


How to cast on:

Learn to Knit Part Two :: How to do the Knit Stitch Introduction: 

How to do the knit stitch:

Article by Jane