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Dates for Learn to Knit Online Course

👩🏼‍🏫The Learn to Knit online course will start on Wednesday 26th January with an Instagram Live at 5.45pm for any questions you might have & then we’ll start off with cast on & the knit stitch. 🐑Starting Sunday I’ll be sharing videos on the projects I’ve design for you. Simple, easy to knit patterns. 📱These […]


Learn to Knit Online Course

Seems 2022 will be another year of firsts, and this first for me will be taking one of my classes and putting it online! I have been teaching workshops for over 20 years, and even today I’ve helped out knitters one to one over the phone or in the studio. It’s natural for me. What […]

Bradley Tank Top Kit

What a difference a year makes!

And Wow,  what a year to 18 month it has been!! Unprecedenated is one word for it! During lockdown I started doing Instagram Lives. These were started to cheer everyone up and sharing the joy of gorgeous yarns and knitting and I planned just to do them during those lockdowns. I asked David to join […]