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The Relaxing Retreat 2023. They will be back.

The Purl &Jane retreats are truly a step away from the world. We can spend a few days relaxing and restoring the soul with the soothing stitch. Workshops are held in the morning on Saturday and Sunday with the afternoons free to do whatever you want - be that to continue knitting with me (and eat cake!) or to take advantage of the area and go for a walk or drive to the nearby Yorkshire Dales.

The cost includes bed, breakfast, lunch & one evening meal, the pattern and all yarn you need for the weekend project. More details coming soon!

Treat Yourself...

Treat yourself to a relaxing long weekend away from it all, sharing the joy of knitting with a small group of fellow knitters in the Yorkshire Dales.

Share skills and techniques and work on a knitting project that you can complete over the weekend and take away when you go home.

To book contact me on [email protected] or phone me on 01756 228247

Prices are tbc and include:

The morning workshops are the most structured part of the weekend, with knitting techniques to be learnt and shared.

The afternoons will be as structured or as relaxed as you’d like. I’ll be on hand throughout the afternoon to guide you or help you with any knitting issues so you can spend the whole weekend knitting or you might like to use the afternoons to take advantage of the fantastic surroundings and explore nearby Skipton because, while the retreat is hidden away like the Purl &Jane Studio, it is very close to lots of Yorkshire towns.Please note you will need a car if you choose to explore the area.


The retreat is located in Yorkshire.


Will be given to you in your retreat package when you book onto the retreat.

Room Options & Prices

Prices are inclusive of Workshop & project, bed & breakfast, lunch, one supper and refreshments, and are Per Person and Single Occupancy. All rooms are available as first come first served. You are welcome to share a room with a friend and the price given will reflect this.

Room Options (all single occupancy):

All rooms are en-suite price tbc

To Book

Phone me on 01756 228247 or pop into the Skipton Studio with your room preference.

A non-refundable* deposit of half the cost is payable at time of booking to secure your place.

The remaining balance* is due four weeks before the start of the course.

*payment is non-refundable if you cancel however it will be refunded in full if we cancel for any reason.

Start Time:

Timings on Friday evening tbc.


A full detailed itinerary will be given 4 weeks before the weekend when full payment has been completed.

End Time:

The last day tbc.

What can you expect from a Purl &Jane Relaxing Retreat?

A Purl & Jane retreat is to help you relax and take a moment away from the world with just the soothing stitch and over the weekend any frustrations and stress will dissolve away into joy and laughter.

Like my workshops, this retreat will be held with a gentle and calm teaching style as over the years, I have learnt that everyone has their own unique learning style. And, this is true to my belief that no matter how long you’ve been knitting, there’s always something new to learn, even if that is learning that other people knit like you!

I was invited by a Canadian yarn store to be the teacher on a Rockies Mountain Retreat back in the days before I had my own design studio. That was a magical experience that made me dream of the day I could share that relaxing experience with knitters in Yorkshire.

I’ve been teaching workshops for nearly 20 years all over the world – from Canada to the USA to local yarn stores all over the UK to the flagship John Lewis store onOxford Street, London to the present with workshops in my studio.

This retreat is for knitters who can cast on, knit, purl and cast off and are willing to learn and knit in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. The retreat will be very informal, after the two workshop mornings, which will be the most structured part – the afternoons are free to do whatever you wish. I will there with you so we can all sit and knit with our own projects (whether that’s one you bring or there will be a chance to purchase a new project) and eat cake! Or you can explore the area.

This is truly a relaxing retreat to share the joy of a soothing stitch. There isn’t a end to knitting but there is a beginning…and I love helping people start on their journey and guiding them as they grow.

Yorkshire Dales
To book contact me on [email protected] or phone me on 01756 228247