Learn to knit, an introduction

This is the introduction to a series of blogs that I’m going to do over the next few weeks to help you learn to knit or how to start to knit. Because with this help you can teach yourself to knit!

These blogs will all be based on videos I have done on YouTube so please take a look if you think it will help you to see them.
People learn in different ways so maybe you’d like to read first and then pop over to YouTube to see the techniques. Or maybe it’s vice versa and you’ve seen the videos but would prefer to read the advice to really absorb the information.

I’m going to take it really nice and slowly and separate each stage. This means if you need to go over one of the stages more than another one you can do this easily.

I’m going to start with how to do a slipknot, then how to cast on, how to knit, and how to cast off, and we can do each stage together. In my How To’s, I’m going to tell you what could go wrong, I’m going to make mistakes so you can learn as well, because we’re all going to be making mistakes. Making mistakes in knitting is freeing!
Embrace those mistakes because by making mistakes we learn how to do it correctly.

That’s the difference between a beginner and an experienced knitter – an experienced knitter makes more mistakes than a beginner. Sometimes a beginner will make one mistake and go, “I can’t knit,” whereas an experienced knitter will make a mistake, fix it and carry on – therefore an experienced knitter makes more mistakes.

And that’s why I wanted to do these online courses because people pop into my Skipton studio and this is where I help them with their knitting. Sometimes it’s at the very beginning of their knitting journey and they say they can’t knit. I ask them why and they say, “because I made a mistake.”
Well, if you’ve made a mistake, you can knit!

I, for example, knit almost every day. Out of that time knitting I would say 95% I’m relaxing with my soothing stitches and 5% of that time I will make a mistake. But I’ll just take it back, though there are many different ways to fix things.

So maybe this is the first online course that says I’m going to show you how to knit, and how to get it right, but I’m also going to show you how to fix things when things don’t go right.
I’m going to show you mistakes!
This is because, as I mentioned, this seems to be the most common concern with learners, so let’s go with the flow of the stitches and don’t worry about any, what I like to call, hiccups! Also then you can see that the mistakes you’re making are just what anyone makes, it shouldn’t stop you, it just means you’re a knitter. Yay!

So this is the introduction just to say what’s going to happen. In the next blog I’m going to introduce you to what you can knit in the knitalong.

Hopefully this will be the start of something beautiful!

Article by Jane