Rice Rib Hat Pattern


This single pattern is available as a download.

My design ideas and advice: I love the stitch I used on this hat. It is so simple and so calming to knit, once you get used to the repeat.
It is an easier take on the classic fisherman’s rib. I first used this stitch pattern in the Rice Rib Cowl. I wear my Rice Rib Cowl every winter, it is great for keeping you lovely and warm. It always amazes me how warm you can feel just by wearing a scarf around your neck.
Once again this hat is from a knitter’s request. They had knitted the Rice Rib Cowl and wanted a hat to go with it.
The cowl is in Bluefaced Leicester Aran so this was the first hat I designed however as I was knitting it I thought how amazing this hat would look in 4 ply so I designed that version and then while knitting that one I thought this would look fab in DK too!
So here we are one hat pattern with three different weight versions. I hope you enjoy knitting it as much as I did!

For this pattern I used:

Yarn & Amounts
for 4 ply weight yarn:
One 100g hank of Opus (70% Argentinian Merino & 30% Baby Alpaca, 350m/384yds per 100g)
for dk weight yarn: One 50g ball of Mohair Tweed (70% merino wool & 30% mohair, 110m/120yds per 50g)
for aran weight yarn: One 100g hank of WYS Bluefaced Leicester Aran (100% British BlueFaced Leicester Wool, 166m/181yd per 100g)

for 4 ply weight yarn: 3.25mm (40cm length) circular needle & 3.25mm double pointed needles.
for dk weight yarn: 3.75mm (40cm length) circular needle & 3.75mm double pointed needles.
for aran weight yarn: 4.5mm (40cm length) circular needle & 4.5mm double pointed needles.

Gauge (tension)
for 4 ply weight yarn:
32 stitches and 42 rows using 3.25mm needles.
for dk weight yarn: 26 stitches and 34 rows using 3.75mm needles.
for aran weight yarn: 22 stitches and 30 rows using 4.5mm needles.

Size: To fit an adult size head.

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