Day 16 and how to unknit

OK, so you thought you were following #socktober and here I am showing you how to unknit a round on a hat, the Purl &Jane Rice Rib hat to be exact. This is how I knit. I always start with one project (mmmmmm, if you are a knitter like me you will know that, like you, I don’t EVER have just one project on the needles, like I chatted about yesterday) and then get the creative bug to knit another and the another I am knitting while I knit the Purl &Jane Gael Sock is the Rice Rib hat.

I knit while I do something else, whether this is chatting to someone or watching tv. Which means invariable I make mistakes and therefore have to ‘unknit’ a round or row. So I thought today I would show you how I undo a round where I’ve made a mistake.

Article by Jane