Day 17 and the Rice Rib Hat

I started October with two hashtags #socktober and #blogtober and so what have I been knitting the last few days…..the Rice Rib Hat of course!
I’ve mentioned it in other posts that I am a mood knitter. There are different knitters and some knitters only have one project on the go. Whenever I chat to a knitter like that I always say to myself….this is what I will do. I will only do one project, I will start and finish one project and only knit that one. And as you can see that still hasn’t happened because I have at least two knitting projects on the go….and to the left of me I can turn and see at least 4 more that need completing.
However, as it turns out, we can use the techniques learnt or used whichever is correct for you. (Learnt if you’ve never used dpns before and used if you have) from the Rice Rib Hat because the hat uses dpns on the crown.

Article by Jane