What a difference a year makes!

And Wow,  what a year to 18 month it has been!! Unprecedenated is one word for it!

During lockdown I started doing Instagram Lives. These were started to cheer everyone up and sharing the joy of gorgeous yarns and knitting and I planned just to do them during those lockdowns.

I asked David to join me in the Instagram Lives. Before lockdown he was a customer who came in to get yarn to knit his first hat. During the lockdowns, he joined the Yarnaholics Zoom Meetings that replaced the real ones, and we learnt that he makes boxes. I thought – with some modification – these boxes would make great yarn boxes.  I asked him and after a few tweaks and prototypes (maybe about 5 or 10!) the Purl &Jane Sunshine Yarn Box was made!


We launched them for Yarndale@home 2020 and this meant doing a video…something that was new to both of us. I cringe to add this and it is a very “unique” video, but you can see our very first video here 

Since then, due to popular (Yarnaholics Zoom knitters) demand we have continued to make weekly (almost) videos.
They are to keep you up to date with what is happening at Purl &Jane and to continue sharing the joy!

And from that very first one in September 2020 to this one for Yarndale this year it’s been quite a journey for all of us.
Now Purl &Jane Skipton Studio is now open it’s been lovely seeing you all again and hearing about what you have and haven’t knitted during the lockdowns. Some knitters couldn’t find their knitting mojo and some knitters knitted more than they have ever knitted.

I was somewhere in the middle, knitting to stay calm during the uncertainty of retail. I had lots of ideas and I am slowly working through them all so keep an eye out for the new designs coming your way soon!


Article by Jane