A Purl &Jane Sunshine Yarn Box


This Sunshine Yarn Box is empty for you to fill with your own goodies.

This Purl &Jane Sunshine Yarn Box is hand made in Skipton using recycled or sustainable wood without any glue.

This design is a collaboration between Purl &Jane and ClickCarton. ClickCarton produces these beautifully engineered boxes and Jane thought they would be fab to make into yarn boxes. Together they worked on the boxes creative design to create the J suns!

These boxes are great for accessory projects. You can thread the yarn through the J to make a practical yarn box and keep your yarn ball from rolling around the floor.

There is a measurement on the lid and lots of other things that make this box interesting!

Here’s some words from ClickCarton about his boxes: We are committed to minimising our impact on the Environment.  From maximising the use of recycled and recyclable materials in our products to using suppliers who recognise their environmental responsibilities to minimising packaging waste. Our packaging is sourced from UK manufacturers all of which is recyclable and / or FSC certified.

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