Learn to Knit Online Course

Seems 2022 will be another year of firsts, and this first for me will be taking one of my classes and putting it online!

I have been teaching workshops for over 20 years, and even today I’ve helped out knitters one to one over the phone or in the studio. It’s natural for me.
What feels new, and therefore weird, is teaching online, but these are the days (or as it turns out 2 years) of doing things online.

So if you fancied learning to knit or just want to go back to the basics again I hope you can join me.

The kits are here

The videos shall be on Instagram and on Youtube. (If on Youtube please like and subscribe!)

I shall explain each step here too.

And if you are local to Skipton then do pop in and ask for advice anytime!

So the first step…the introduction is here

Article by Jane