Day 30 and grafting of the toe

Here we have a how to video on grafting of the toe. I use the three needle cast off because I like the flat seam it creates to slightly reinforce the toe.

As I mentioned in the video yesterday I knit my sock with the right side on the outside, it’s just want happens for me and yours might be this way too or it might be the other way with the inside on the outside. It doesn’t matter which way your sock looks on the needles…until graft toes. Here it is easier if you do the opposite to me and have your inside on the outside because I have to pull my sock inside out.

I don’t know why this happens, I’ve not researched it and I haven’t. I have taught sock workshops for over 12 years now and  it always happens that half the class have the sock one way and half the class have the other way yet I am teaching them. Also it makes no difference when following the pattern so why figure out something that doesn’t make a difference? Just enjoy your way of knitting!

Article by Jane