Day 29 and a finished sock

Another yay! today I’ve finished the sock but with the excitement of finishing the sock I’ve no idea what day it is! I’ve had a super busy month and have been doing personal workshops on Mondays so I’ve not had a day off in a while.

Knitting really does helps calm the mind. When I have these busy days I long for the moment I can sit down with my knitting. I feel like I’ve wasted time if I sit and *just* watch tv, I feel better if I watch tv and knit.  Then there is scrolling through the phone, it’s super easy to pick up the phone but it’s just not good to do for the mind or the eyes for a long time. It’s lovely to catch up with what people are doing but there’s no need to do it for too long.

While if I knit I feel the buzz in the mind getting less and the stitches really are soothing. Then after all those good feelings there may be a finished hand knit at the end, sometime soon or sometime later. There’s no rush.

Here it’s taken me a month to knit my socks (and I sneaked one hat in too.) If I hadn’t have spent knitting during those small moments here and maybe I spent it scrolling through the socials what would I have had at the end of a month?  Maybe just FOMO instead of warm feet and head!

It reminds me of that saying “small steps make big changes” or there’s this quote accredited to Van Gogh – “For the great doesn’t happen through impulse alone, and is a succession of little things that are brought together”


Article by Jane