Sock Sizing or Hand knits are always individual

This week’s brand new pattern (EDIT: First published on 3rd July 2017), Baby’s First Socks, has two sizes and the first size I recommend is for babies that are 0-3 months old.


All babies are different and grow at their own unique pace so this size might last until they are 3 or even 6 months depending on the baby in question. This size only takes approx. 10g of sock yarn so they are perfect for knitting up any leftover sock yarn. My favourite thing to do is knit the mummy some socks using my simple Calza sock pattern and use the leftover yarn to make a matching pair for baby!


The second size is for an older baby, aged from about 9 months but this is a magical sock so it can be knitted for a child up to 7 years old. This is the beauty of a hand knit, certain stitch patterns hug the body. I love rib for this. Rib is magical!

My Frankie Mittens can fit the hands of small women right up to men’s hands (that is average men’s hands – if you are knitting for The Rock, you might need to go up a needle size…or two!).


This is because of the rib and it’s the same with this sock – the second size will fit the small child you are knitting for, there is just a small adjustment you will need to make and this is the foot length. I’ve written clearly in the pattern where to do this.

As well as sock yarn, I’ve been having fun knitting the first size in merino 4 ply too, they make a great gift for friends or family who are having a new addition to the family. You could even frame them when the baby has grown out of them to keep as a memory forever so you can see how tiny their feet once were when they are big enough to borrow your shoes!

In fact as I write this I’ve set aside a ball of merino 4 ply from the shelves that is twinkling at me asking to be knitted into these socks for a friend….so I’m off to knit!

Article by Jane