We need to talk about double pointed needles

Introducing this week’s brand new and exclusive Purl&Jane pattern: Baby’s First Socks (EDIT: first published on the 30th June 2017)


Basic Information

Pattern: Baby’s First Socks
Yarn: Sock or 4 ply
Needles: 2.5mm double pointed needles
Size: the pattern has two sizes for newborn and toddler. However these are magical socks and if you follow the toddler size but change the foot length they will fit children up to 7 years old.

This sock pattern is another pattern I designed after a request from one of the  lovely knitters that pop into the studio. The socks were such fun to knit and I knitted the newborn version while watching just one episode of my favourite box set series – the designing took a little longer but the actual knitting was super quick!


If you are new to knitting socks, this is a great weekend project or something you can relax with during a day off.

These socks have to be knitted on double pointed needles (dpns) and, when I talk to knitters in my studio, dpns are met with varying reactions from fear and horror through to happiness and joy! Some knitters say it is like knitting with hedgehogs!

My advice to anyone using dpns is to give it 5 rows and then you’ll find that the frustrating feelings will disappear! So many knitters say they don’t get on with dpns and when we chat more I find out that they have only knitted one round with them, or two at the very most! That’s like putting an inch of cold water into a bath and saying I don’t like baths, I can’t relax in them!

The first round using dpns is *always* tricky. I have to take a deep breath when I start, relax my shoulders as I find they creep up with tension because that first round is important to get straight and not twist. Then, with each round, I relax more and more. I do find that there’s something relaxing in the rhythm of knitting on dpns, going from one needle to the next.

I run sock workshops for those that really want to get addicted to socks, and I help crack all sock problems and eliminate all frustrations. One of the good things about my sock workshop is that all of the beginners don’t know what a ladder is, I make sure that they never find out! And for those that do know, you’ll will be reassured to know that I can help eliminate this with a very simple small solution.

Article by Jane