Introducing the Millie Mittens

This week the new and exclusive Purl&Jane pattern is called the Millie Mittens.


I designed these mittens for my sister. She spends her Sunday morning on a rugby field watching my young nephews play rugby (or I think it’s called tag rugby at their age) and while she stands on the sidelines her toes and hands get cold….she might hold a warm coffee cup but that doesn’t last the 90 minutes that the game lasts.

So I spent time thinking about what I could knit for her to keep her warm. She already has hand knit scarves to keep her neck warm, which do help, and she has hand knit jumpers…so I thought of Millie Mittens! (And see if you can find the hand knit socks I designed to I kept her toes warm in her wellies….!)


To knit Millie Mittens, you use double pointed needles, so it’s the perfect project if you want to get used to using dpns (this is the knitters’ term for double pointed needles).

Another reason why I designed them Millie Mittens is to help those knitters who want to do socks but wanted to try out dpns without turning heels first. People pop into the Skipton studio who really want to try socks but are nervous about using dpns *and* turning a heel.
Both these things are tricky to start with, but like anything, once you have tried them, and maybe had a few little hiccups on the way, they will become easier – this is the perfect project to practise using dpns. And as always I’m here to help you if you get stuck. I say the first 5 rounds on the dpns are the trickiest, so take these slowly and then by the 6th round you will be on a roll!

And then the final reason for designing these mittens is I really wanted a simple classic mitten pattern to keep my hands warm during the chilly winter months. I wanted something to show off the twinkling beauty of the Kilcarra Tweed, as well as benefitting from its warmth and windproof qualities. If ever you get a chill from walking on those moors (I’m imaging Heathcliff here…maybe the one Tom Hardy played in the BBC version….excuse me a moment…..) then you can’t beat Kilcarra Tweed (that’s if your Heathcliff isn’t around to cuddle up to or even if they are, double warmth!).


Kilcarra Tweed is an aran weight yarn so I have also knitted a pair in the beautifully gorgeous WYS Bluefaced Leicester Aran – Undyed to show what a different look using another natural fibre gives to the mitten.

The pattern costs £4 and is available from the studio or can be downloaded.

Article by Jane