Episode One Vlog!

Hello! Yes, they are back by popular demand…

It was lovely to receive the feedback that you (that’s the ten peeps that mentioned it to me) missed my vlogs and wanted them back.
I’ve kept them short around 10 minutes so you can grab a cuppa and have a little look.

I wondered how I can do them this time as the ones I did before were for #socktober and so had a purpose and a timeline – we started on the 1st October and we finished on the 31st October.

Well, what shall I do this time??
I thought about it….and what I loved about the #blogtober & #socktober vlogs was sharing my progress with you.

I have lots and lots of WIP for new designs sitting on the shelf to the left of me. Some have been there since 2020 (the year of the c word) and I keep thinking I’ll get back to them….tomorrow.
And then I cast on something else!
While doing the vlogs with you helped me concentrate on one design and get it knitted and finished in a reasonable amount of time.

So here we go…in this vlog I’m sharing with you the new design that hopefully will be finished and pattern written….by the end of November….shall we see if that happens??


Article by Jane