Day Five the one with the mistake….

When I decided to do #blogtober I wondered what I would chat about every day. I thought knitting socks would be a good subject. People, who pop into the Skipton studio, might ask me how long it takes me to knit something. I don’t know. I knit things because I enjoy the knitting. I’m a process knitter rather than an item knitter. Which means I knit because I enjoy knitting not because I am making something to wear. I love that what I do knit results in an item but it’s not the main reason why I knit, it’s an added bonus, a unique beautiful added bonus.

I thought it would be brilliant if you joined me on this journey in October as we would both see how long it takes me to knit something!

Knitting calms my mind and when you are an independent business owner spinning all the plates all at the same time something to calm that busy mind is essential and I am lucky because what calms my mind also is my business.

The other great thing about knitting is that you can make mistakes and it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. There is that initial moment when you swear or cry or get frustrated because an evenings knitting needs to be pulled back but then that is quickly replaced with the feeling of calm that you get to knit those stitches again.
You know how to knit those stitches. So it’s another evening of calm knitting.

And this is what has happened to me on this knitting journey.

I designed the Gael Socks. I’ve knitted them before. And yet I still made a mistake. I cast on 2 extra stitches. I knew the first bit was rib so didn’t even look at the pattern. I just started and knitted the rib rows. I didn’t even look at the needles and so didn’t notice I was starting and ending with K2. I shouldn’t have even be starting with k2, it should have been p2. But I didn’t look at the pattern because I thought I knew it, what with designing it and all (insert crazy emoji at grammar and foolishness)

And on this sock knitting journey I am going to share everything, e v e r y t h i n g. There is no fancy editing here. It is definitely not curated.

It’s just as I do it when I do it.






So today’s ‘do it’ or ‘not do(ing) it is a pull back. The first 2cm of the sock are wrong and so back to the beginning we go….



Article by Jane