Day 19 and a finished hat!

This is why it’s good to share things because it’s not until you share things that you ‘see’ things about life, routines or habits.

My habit is definitely I start a project and then start another one…and maybe some more. I knew I did it but I didn’t know how much I did it!

At the start of this month I was going to knit one project and one project only for October, and so I decided to do  #socktober and knit the Gael Sock

Wait, I just remembered!  I was going to continued that I then cast on the Rice Rib hat and started knitting that but strictly speaking I didn’t cast on the Rice Rib Hat during #socktober it was already on my needles as I cast it on during the Yarndale weekend.

However now the hat is finished! Yay! With the vlogs I wanted to show you the whole journey that is taken when knitting a hat and that if you make a mistake or have to take a round back it doesn’t matter, or rather it does matter. It matters because it makes you feel good, that while you may have to reknit a section you still get to finish the hat and it is exactly as you wanted it without any of those hiccups. Those hiccups that stare at you but ones that no one else sees.

Article by Jane