My love of garter stitch…

…and a beautifully soft natural fibre wool is endless.

I love garter stitch. I love the simplicity of the knit stitch, as I knit one gentle stitch at a time I feel my shoulders relax and any worry slowly and gently melts away with each simple stitch as the soft wool weaves through my fingers.

The patterns that I design are always simple to knit, because I believe the journey of knitting is as important as what is created at the end. The Fiona Jumper, like its big sister the Fiona Cardigan, is knitted with garter stitch.


At the end of the day, or even at the beginning or middle of it, a few rows of garter stitch and suddenly answers to tricky questions magically appear.

And all this takes time, precious time, that is easy to miss or fill up with other less important things, so it’s important to enjoy this time and there’s nothing to help you get to this relaxed state of joy a little quicker and keep you there once you arrive like a gorgeous smooth natural fibre yarn.


And at the end of all this glorious relaxing time, what better reward than something that reminds me of this pleasure *and* keeps me warm *and* feels good to wear! Like anything made from natural fibres, it keeps me at just the right temperature, not too hot, not too cool, without having to think I might need several layers today.

Knitting brings a joy that can’t and shouldn’t be rushed yet the end result, when knitted in natural fibres, is something that lasts for years.


Article by Jane