How I design

I designed with several types of knitters in mind, however they all have one thing in common, the love of simple and easy knitting.

The techniques used in the Purl &Jane patterns range from the simplest of all – garter stitch  – to simple cables to colourwork.
All of them offer a great opportunity to learn new skills, to refresh any rusty skills or for some easy quick knits for experienced knitters.

As anyone who has read my blog before knows:

:: When I design patterns, making them simple is my first priority.

:: I want knitters to be able to cast on and then just relax and enjoy the process, the yarn and the stitch.

:: Although not all patterns and techniques seem simple to begin with, I can help knitters practise until they become second nature.

:: I opened my Skipton studio so that I could work with knitters first hand and help them with tricky techniques and design the patterns they want to knit.

Knitting is a journey, it’s about taking one stitch at a time, it’s about the time you spend relaxing with your stitches, and then you get something at the end: a garment, an accessory, a sense of achievement, pride, a feeling of love – the pleasure of knitting with the satisfaction of making something unique.

Giving an item you have knitted yourself says something much more than any bought item (unless that bought item is a diamond and then that says more than anything ever!)

Article by Jane