#blogtober Day Three

Yesterday in the vlog I started the sock journey on the dpns.
dpns is the abbreviation of double pointed needles – D ouble P ointed N eedle S

Now some of you may have already stopped reading as dpns is like a swear word to many knitters.
Nope! They say, I don’t like them.
And I get it, it’s always tricky when you love something and someone else doesn’t. Sometimes that is because they seem scary and like anything scary (perhaps not a tiger or lion) once you’ve tried and got past that learning stage it becomes fun!

However, I’m not here to force anyone to try anything, so if you knit socks on small circulars or with the magical loop and you love it then please continue. But if you haven’t tried any of these or you want to try dpns but haven’t got past the first few rows but just keep going. It gets better!

Today is a quick video purely showing how to slip stitches from one dpn to another.

Article by Jane