Hugs and Kisses Sock Kit


This Winter Yarn Box contains pattern and yarn.

My design ideas and advice: These socks are called the Hugs & Kisses Sockbecause the design looks like noughts and crosses or X O which in text messages means kisses and hugs. It uses the same design as the Hug Hat kit.
The design looks like fairisle but actually uses the slip stitch technique so it simple and relaxing to knit.
I chose the Jamieson’s yarn because of it’s history. It is a Shetland yarn that is exactly that, the fleece is grown, sheared and spun on the Shetland Islands. Something that is close to my heart and I love that the craft is still continuing today.
I design this in December 2020, a time when everyone needed a hug but we couldn’t give them one. So here’s the next best thing, a sock to say I’m thinking of you and here’s some hugs and kisses.

The design is in the Purl &Jane Winter Yarn Box which you can use as a yarn box to keep the yarn clean and tidy as you knit as well as keep the project neatly in there while you aren’t knitting. It is the sibling to the Purl &Jane Sunshine Yarn Box and they can be stacked together!

Included in the Purl &Jane Winter Yarn Box kit is:

:: The Hugs & Kisses Sock Pattern.

:: Three Balls of Jamieson’s Spindrift in shade A Natural White and one ball of shade B Cardinal Red.

Sizes: to fit all foot sizes up to size 11.

Additional materials needed (not included):
2.5mm needles.

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