Clapham Hat Kit


This kit contains the Clapham Hat Printed Pattern and one hank of Bluefaced Leicester Aran all inside a Purl &Jane Cotton Kit Bag.

Included in the kit (is the pattern and enough gorgeous yarn to complete the project):

:: The Clapham Hat Pattern (printed copy)

:: One hank of Bluefaced Leicester Aran in Undyed Ecru.

:: Purl &Jane Cotton Kit bag (not pictured)

Size: to fit average size adult head.

Additional materials needed (not included):
4.5mm and 5mm needles.
Cable needle.

My design ideas and advice: I designed this hat because knitters were asking me to design an adult version of the Clapdale Baby Hat. So I’ve named this Clapham after the village in the Clapdale valley, which is “just up the road” from Skipton! We tried this hat on every head at my Yarnaholics group and found it fitted all head sizes. We measured all our heads as we had one or two knitters who thought they had big heads that hats couldn’t fit on, we found that we all have heads that were a similar size with a difference of 5cm between the smallest and largest. This hat fitted everyone’s head perfectly.

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