Calton Gill Blanket Kit


This kit contains the Calton Gill Blanket Pattern and 4 hanks of Bluefaced Leicester DK in 3 shades.

Included in the kit

:: The Calton Gill Blanket Pattern

:: Two hanks of Bluefaced Leicester DK in Ecru and one hank each in shade light brown and brown.

Measurements: Each square is 15cm x 15cm.
This makes 30 squares in total: 15 squares with shades A and B, and 15 squares with shades A and C.

Additional materials needed (not included)
4mm needles.

My design ideas and advice: One of the great things about this square blanket is that the squares are knitted individually so you can get a sense of satisfaction when you complete one. I like to stack the squares in piles, which look lovely and help you keep an eye on the progress you’re making! Knitting the squares is a great way to relax because you can just do one or two rows in between other things or if you have a couple of minutes.

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