Introducing Tor the Hat

To introduce this week’s pattern (9th June 2017) I’m going to be short and sweet!
This week it’s Tor the Hat!
It’s not traditionally hat weather here in Yorkshire…though saying that my neighbour was walking her dog and said she couldn’t believe she had to find her woolly hat to wear that morning as she was so cold!

So I thought, like Tory the Cowl last week I’d sneaking this one, but if you are in Yorkshire you might be needing it over the next couple of days!


Tor the Hat is knitted in the lovely Trinity stitch, sometimes known as the blackberry stitch. You can read about the love I have for this stitch on the Tory the Cowl blog.

And if you are super organised and want to get ready for winter, (sorry too soon to mention?!) then it’s the perfect project to crack on with now! Especially as it seems we are still waiting for the summer in the summer months…I remember waiting all last year for the summer! I think it came in April and this year it was almost the same time! But we live in hope!

It uses the same beautiful Soft Donegal yarn as Tory the Cowl – a super soft merino yarn which is spun in the traditional way in Donegal in Ireland. It’s a gorgeous tweed with twinkly hidden colours that you don’t see until you’re knitting with them. I chose a beautiful mustard yellow for my Tor the hat, so you can wear sunshine on your head whatever the weather!

Article by Jane