Dave The Hat and The Yarn

This week’s new pattern is Dave the Hat and this one uses my two favourite yarns again: Kilcarra Tweed and WYS Bluefaced Leicester together.

And like Davina, you use one strand of the colourful Kilcarra Tweed with one strand of the natural Bluefaced Leicester yarn on large needles.


To knit the short version of Dave the Hat you will need:

:: One hank of WYS Bluefaced Leicester Aran £7.95

:: One ball of Kilcarra Tweed £4.95

:: Pair of 9mm needles (prices start at £3.50 for basic bamboo straight needles – I recommend a bamboo circular needle, these are beautiful to knit with, and are worth the investment especially if you are going on a wool journey, like good shoes you need tools that are well made to last and bring joy.)

:: Dave the Hat pattern (free to download, free with yarn purchase or £2 if you wanted a printed version from the shop)

:: Sewing needle (50p from the shop)

:: Scissors

To knit the longer version, I replaced the hank of WYS Bluefaced Leicester Aran with one more ball of Kilcarra Tweed (£4.95).


This is a super quick knit for an experienced knitter, a great weekend project. I’m knitting a new one for myself with a different Kilcarra Tweed oddments from garments I’ve knitted.

For beginners, I’ve put together a kit that includes everything you need so all you have to think about is which shade to choose.

For the knitter who doesn’t mind mixing and matching their yarns and their colours, well the choice is endless.

Here are some variations knitters who popped into the Purl &Jane studio chose:


I’d love to know what you choose. We can all share them on instagram (please use the hashtag #purlandjane so I can spot them!)

Article by Jane